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Our Laser Cutting Services in NYC

For over 35 years, J&E Metal Fabricators, Inc. has served as a valued industry partner in custom metal fabrication. We pride ourselves on our reputation for reliability, consistency, and high standards.

Our process includes specific steps designed to streamline project progress while eliminating errors. We meet precision requirements by incorporating a computerized planning process into our design and review. We also integrate job tracking and process and product quality control. With thoughtful planning, careful procedure, and thorough review, we ensure that every project we complete meets your specifications.

Explore Our Laser Cutting Services

We are proud to offer the latest innovations in metal working to New York and New Jersey–area businesses. We provide laser cutting services for projects that require a finer degree of detail than can be provided by mechanical cutting.

Customers looking for intricate decorative detail or specialized industrial precision should consider laser cutting to complete their projects. Laser cutting provides a number of benefits. The laser produces a smaller heat-affected zone that reduces warping. The lack of cutting edge eliminates contamination of the workpiece. And of course, the technique produces the finest details.

Take Confidence in Our Expertise

We have the expertise to handle a variety of metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, steel, metal plating, sheet metal, structural, and piping materials. Whether you need custom electronic chassis for your specialized equipment or personalized decorative metalwork for your organization, come to us first.

A variety of industries consistently turn to us to complete custom projects that meet precise specifications. Browse through our gallery to see for yourself the quality metal fabrication we have created for valued partners.

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If you’d like to find out more, call our offices to speak with a trained representative at 732-548-9650. We’re happy to discuss your projects.

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