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About J&E

World class industrial performance requires a partnered supply chain of world class vendors. To compete, and win, in markets with spiraling product performance, shrinking product life cycles, and continuous price pressures requires product development and manufacturing strategies employing the latest technologies implemented by experienced industry professionals. Outsourcing from J&E Metal Fabricators guarantees today's technologies are put to work for you resulting in high quality, efficiency, and responsive delivery of your product.

Since 1975, J&E has established a strong reputation as a leader in the fabrication of custom sheet metal products. Over the years we have developed the ability to deliver high quality manufacturing and exceptional customer service. We have a proud record of meeting the precision requirements of a significant group of demanding customers across several industries. This superior performance has resulted in the receipt of awards such as "Vendor of the Year" from DuPont and "Outstanding Partner" from AT&T Lucent for 20 years of exemplary partnership.

Efficient delivery of the highest quality products is a primary goal at J&E. Consistent achievement of this goal is performed by the expert application of manufacturing technologies and processes. Performance expertise at J&E begins with a "Design for Manufacturing" review and continues with computerized production planning, manufacturing cycle job tracking and complete process quality control. This process ensures that strict quality standards and tight delivery schedules are met every time - with the highest level of efficiency.

Throughout the product delivery cycle our partnering approach with both customers and suppliers assures the delivery of superior products through the most efficient means. Put our experience with sheet metal fabrication to work for you. Including us in the design stage of your product development typically results in "Design for Manufacturing" improvements that reduce manufacturing costs and improve product quality. This same partnership approach with our suppliers enables us to procure materials and services in the most efficient manner.

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