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Laser Cutting Services in New Jersey

You want to equip your business with the best tools and materials. That's why you turn to a metal fabricator who can make your innovative design a reality. Of course, every step of the creation process matters. Choose a fabricator who employs a high-powered laser when cutting metal pieces.

Not long ago, laser cutting was a practice used solely by large manufacturers. Now, companies like J & E Metal Fabricators make this service available to small business owners everywhere. Our use of a laser allows us to create products that match your specifications exactly.

You Have the Design, We Have the Equipment

Laser cutting offers many advantages over traditional mechanical cutting. Despite its name, laser cutting actually burns and melts the metal, instead of cutting it. This creates a final product that is clean, precise, and burr free.

When you're ready, J & E Metal Fabricators is here to lend an expert hand. We have been in business for over 40 years. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced craftsmen, you can be confident in our ability to produce your product.

Plus, because we have a spacious, 40,000 square foot facility, we can tackle any size of project--large or small. And with plenty of equipment, space, and skilled technicians, we can guarantee a quick turnaround rate.

Don't Wait, Collaborate with Our NJ Technicians Today

Get in touch with our office to learn more about our laser cutting services and how they can boost your business. And for a closer look at our equipment and to find photographs of past work, visit our gallery page.

If you are ready to speak directly with a technician, call our office in New Jersey today. We will happily discuss the specifications of your plan and help you place an order. Our phone number is 732-548-9650. When you call, be sure to ask about our free local shipping!

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